Getting out of auto-gen mode to storage mode and HACS

Apparently there are now three frontend modes, storage, auto-gen, and yaml.

I seem to be “stuck” in auto-gen mode

I have been using HACS for awhile and since I ended up in auto-gen mode I have had this issue that HACS will not automatically add resources when a repo is installed. According to the dev resources will not be automatically added in “auto-gen” mode.

I have attempted numerous ways to get out of auto-gen and into storage mode to no avail.

including removing and reinstalling HACs, removing offending files from .storage, deleting the database, removing all but lovelace: from configuration yaml, specifically adding mode: storage to configuration.yaml lovelace key (of course with restarts and clearing browser cache). I still remain in auto-gen mode no matter what and still any HACS repo I add does not put a corresponding entry in .storage/lovelace_resources

I am running latest HA, 2020.12.2

Can someone please help/illuminate me on auto-gen, when and why it was added and how to get to storage mode.

There’s only two: UI, and YAML. In the more advanced parts, there might be three, but really there’s only two that you can toggle between.

Fix this by hitting the 3 dots in your dashboard, and choosing edit UI. Don’t start with an empty dashboard. Accept the dialog, and hit save.

Is HA still intact? Please undo everything you tried to do, because HA might refuse to boot based on some stuff you did.

If you read the issue and did some poking around, you would see.

I’ve been at this awhile. My HA setup/config is fine/functional.

I already saw that suggestion. That is for individual dashboards which in my case already show as “ui -controlled”.

This is a sytem wide problem, not a per dashboard problem. HACS doesn’t care about individual dashboards when deciding to add to the lovelave-resources json or not. As I said I’ve tried many things. HACS dev says it’s not a HACS issue and since I can’t find a solution I am asking again here. I read the issue obviously and I “don’t see”. The image I posted shows my HA in “auto-gen” mode and the HACS dev says as long as that is true HACS will not automatically place new resources in that storage json file. So I ask again what is this system wide “auto-gen” mode and how do I disable it so HACS will work properly. Again I say the HACS dev insists this is not a HACS issue and he marked the issue such.

Weird. If you really really need HACS, you can always reinstall.

I have scrubbed and reinstalled HACs already. As I said I have tried lots of things. Per the workaround in that issue I can manually add and remove resources in the UI, but it should be automagic and the HACS dev insists it’s not HACS issue. I’m looking for someone who faced this issue and came up with a solution. Again the dev insists that HA in auto-gen mode is the issue. It needs to be storage mode and not per dashboard but system wide as reported in the config page (the image I posted).

I’ve manually added four HACS resources and they are loaded and reported correctly it is only the automatic management of such via HACS that is the issue