Getting power to a smart light switch

Hi All

For long (and boring reasons) I’m needing to install a 3 gang light switch without it operating the light.

This is the original light switch
I managed to rewire the lights so the circuit still works.

The issue is, not matter what I do I can’t get power to the light switch.
Based on the manual I thought I could just put the wires into L and it would have power

This is the switch I’m installing.

Any help would be much appreciated.

These switches draw their power from the connected light bulb. If you don’t have a connected light bulb, where can they get their power from ?

I would have thought I’d be able to connect into / link off of the existing wiring.
Back to the drawing board

there is a capacitor in the sheme, seems like the switch won`t get any power without it

They draw power from the bulb or the capacitor, but neither are connected.

capacitor is needed in case of faulty bulb? Otherwise bulb will give the needed energy to pass through it.

Capacitor is needed if the bulb does not provide enough ‘leakage current’

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