Getting PowerView blinds to close simultaneously

I’ve got Hunter Douglas Powerview blinds (Venetian, Tilt Anywhere). Before I got my Home Assistant, they were controlled by my Google Home routine. Then, they would more or less open and close simultaneously.

However, I since created an automation with covers my morning routine in HA and deleted the Google routine. When this routine activates, the blinds seem to close after each other. Or at least, it seems like the commands aren’t sent at the same time, causing the blinds to have quite a delay between each other.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Putting the blinds in a group and calling on them with ‘call service’ (cover.close_cover)
  • Putting the blinds in a parallel action and calling on them with ‘call service’ (cover.close_cover)
  • Putting the blinds in a parallel action and calling on them with a device action (close command)
  • Giving the close command in the helper tab on the group itself (so not within the automation itself)

These all give the same result. It also seems that there’s quite a delay when I give them a command through devices or helpers -it doesn’t always respond immediately. Maybe this has something to do with my issue.

What should I do to have them close and open simultaneously? It doesn’t need to be perfect, but if they at least started closing in about the same moment that would be great. Now the difference is too big.

Looks like this has been a known issue since 2020:

Unfortunately that issue went stale and nothing was done. You could open a new issue and reference that one.

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Thanks! That’s unfortunate. I’ll look into opening a new issue, maybe something has changed in the past 2,5 years.

I have configured a scene in the powerview app. Scenes come available in HA. When I call the scene, the blinds will act simultaniously