Getting snips to run

I’m trying to get snips to run together with home-assistant. So far I have set-up snips and configured an assistant (I used their smart-lights assistant).

It is working and I get

{"sessionId":"f6a8d26c-e8c7-4218-9e0c-9f6334d70d21","customData":null,"siteId":"default","input":"turn on the lights in the living room","intent":{"intentName":"lightsTurnOnSet","probability":0.61736935},"slots":[{"rawValue":"living room","value":{"kind":"Custom","value":"living room"},"range":{"start":26,"end":37},"entity":"house_room","slotName":"house_room"}]}

when I listen to the mqtt messages via mosquitto_sub -t hermes/intent/#

So far so good. however home-assistant does not react. I have this in my home-assistant config:


      - service: light.turn_on
          #entity_id: 'light.{{ objectLocation | replace(" ","_") }}'
          entity_id: light.living_room

Which should be OK. But it seems that the intent never gets triggered…

Ok. I got it solved. The reason was that my mqtt bridge was not working… So now this works

Could you please post your mosquitto.conf in order to bridge Snips mqtt and Mosquitto?
Thanks for your help.

sorry, I scrapped the whole thing in the mean time. So unfortunately I cannot help you with this anymore