Getting SolarEdge panel-level data

I have the SolarEdge component up and running and it’s fine, but is pretty basic. I was reading their API documentation, and figured I could use the RESTful sensor and pull information from other parts of the SolarEdge API.

I want to get the individual panel’s production.

This information is available on the SolarEdge dashboard page for me, and the “Site Power Flow” section of the API documentation shows how to pull that data. But the JSON is empty when I try to hit that API URL.

The installer of our system can’t spell API, and SolarEdge site just directs you back to the installer for any support. So I thought I would check here and see if anyone had had this problem before, and how you pulled it into HA.

I looked at this when I got my panels, and again just now that I’ve had them up for a while. The way my system is built, the panels are not included in Site Power Flow. And unfortunately none of the inquiries in the August 2022 version of the API document include panel-level data.

I’m currently looking at making an Android VM with the app and using an iframe with noVNC. I’ll let you know if that works.