Getting Started Climate configuration (modbus RTU)

Hi all, this is my first topic.
I’m trying to control my toshiba air conditioner using IntesisBox TO-RC-MBS-1 adapter it able to convert toshiba bus into a standard modbus RTU.


I’m able to read and send order using modbus switch and modbus sensor.

My question is: how I can integrate all the indications: speed, operator mode, temperature unit etc
in a climate entity?

I read the related documentation but i cannot figure out how do it.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer first, I haven’t used modbus with HA.
I do have a intesisbox to WiFi and this topic came up on my searches.

After some quick searching I would start by trying to use the modbus integration to get the hub connected. Then create sensors and switches for your aircon.

You could then try creating a specific climate component using MQTT climate component as there isn’t a template climate component.

Another way might be to use nodered to send the modbus to MQTT.

@Bard have you looked at the modbus climate component?
Might be a start but you may need to customise it if you want advanced functions?

Hi all, thank you for your reply, now I can control my AC through the use of simple components such has modbus sensors and modbus switch. I don’t really need the thermostat function, I’m looking for a good UI for control the unit, so switching between various operating mode and change the speed

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