Getting Started Configuration Software/Hardware - Clean Install

I am looking to get started with Home Assistant with both software and hardware. Looking to hear any words of wisdom regarding what hardware to use (sensors, switches, etc) and also what add-ons are out there to be used as well.

I am willing to see and hear any examples or ideas on how to get started from the ground up.

Don’t think about what hardware to use or what software to use at first, start with what problem are you trying to solve. Automating for the sake of automating is a bit of a waste in my opinion. Keep it simple and solve problems in your everyday life.

Look at repetitive tasks that you don’t like doing or forget to do (and wish you did). These can then be automated.

Without knowing what you are trying to do its hard to recommend hardware/software options. The needs for someone automating a few lights and sensors is very different from someone doing a complete smart home.

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I preferred to do a complete smart home with automation for my security cameras (snapshots on events), Nest thermostat (actions and triggers based on presence), lighting (on/off/dim/etc based on events). I am simply looking at what hardware to install for outlets, thermostats, cameras, as well as what software seems to work well for Floorplan views, dashboarding, etc to position myself in a way that will hook in nicely when I am finished with he installed.

I would hate to installed 100 switches, outlets, thermostats, camera, sensors, etc and find later that another model would provide more options or would work better in any way.

That’s the problem. Progress always progresses. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out “the next big thing” comes along…

The biggest thing that will help you plan for future expansion is make sure to have a neutral wire in every switch box. After that then everything else is mainly just personal preference.

Most people don’t have just one platform that they work from but have several depending on need, cost and available technology.