Getting started documentation confusion

I did my first install of hassio on a raspberry pi using the image from the downloads page. I started it up and all went well and I was trying to follow the getting started directions.

First I went through the steps and then it said I should install the Configurator add on which I did. Then it came up with the configuration for the add on, which is where the confusion started. It said “Set a password on the config box”. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be the password I setup for my user account, or a different password. It also has the username of “admin” which is not the username I setup for myself.

I went ahead and set a different password and left the user as “admin”. I started the add on and went to the Configurator web page and logged in successfully. It has a blank editing screen with no filename above.

The next step said to put the code in configuration.yaml to add the configurator to the sidebar. I pasted that code into the editor section and when I tried to save, it said I needed a filename, so I typed configuration.yaml. It saved and I restarted hassio. When it came back up, it did have the configurator in the left sidebar, but there was just that link and an overview link that brought up a blank page.

I was kind of stuck at that point and didn’t know how to get anything back. There were no links to the add on store anymore, nothing. Since I hadn’t enabled SSH yet, I just shut it down and reflashed the card.

What did I do wrong?