Getting Started.. maybe?

So my issues started when my iPhone will not longer run the MiLight 1.8 app and the 3.0 version does not see my old MiLight WiFi Gateway.
I found a MiLight Emulator I can build or purchase already flashed and ready to go.
I leaning twards using HA for my current and future IoT and NoT devices so the family has one common place to control; lights, pool pump, irrigation system, etc…
With HA running on a raspberryPi, do I need gateways like the MiLight Phillips Hue, etc?
Do I need a box like Vera as a gateway?
I guess I’m looking for a set up a system from nothing to 100% including hardware etc…

thanks for your help, looking to start a hobby anyway.

It depends on what you’re connecting. For instance, MiLight you can go direct, where with Hue you’d need either a Hue Hub, or a Zigbee stick.


You can do that with Home Assistant. Indeed the great thing about Home Assistant is that as long as there’s a supported integration, or a custom one, or it has an API you can use, then you can make Home Assistant the way of interacting with it.

I purchased a MiLight emulator and am up and working thus far. I only moved over existing MiLights and will be adding new lights this week