Getting started with Leds in ceiling

Hi all,

I am new to the home assistant world, but not to the coding part. I am looking to accomplish the following

+/- 30meters of led strips controllable by home assistant in a lowered ceiling. The led strips can be 1 color full length no need for assignable leds

Does anyone have experience with this length as in what i need to get with product links (the netherlands). I am trying not to go for the DIY

Appreciate it !!

Do you know whats up there now? Are they dimmable, do you want them dimmable? You can just swap the switch or timer with a relay that can be controlled with HA.

Off the shelf solutions are probably not going to be able to give you the lumen output you need. You’ll need to use multiple sets of strips which will require you to do additional wiring. Wled with DIY strips would be less work and mainly low voltage that you could do yourself. The other route would require additional AC power outlets.

at the moment there is nothing the leds that were previously there started flickering after a while so i would like to start from scrath with the HA integrated

i would want them to be dimable indeed

My usage is with neo pixels and these are the controllers I just got. They are probably overkill if your not interested in addressable color. In truth it’s really not much more than a standard setup either way should be under a $100 in parts.

If your interested in just white you can use standard leds with a dimmable power supply. Basically whats up there now. Then replace the switch with a smart dimmer depending on you connection preference zigbee, zwave, or wifi.

nice thanks!

i will look into the neo pixels led strips.
boards are sold out unfortunatelly

It works according to how many leds on the strip, there’s a limit. So you need to check how many leds per meter you can get before you need an additional controller.

Most controllers are rgb. Here is another option this one would go in between the power supply and the led strip itself. You would not need a dimmable power supply for this.

I found these leds for my project. this is 20Meters (65Ft) 4 rolls of 5 meters
but im kind of worried of the way they are connected like 1 power source 4 outputs.

is it better to buy a different powersource or to buy multiple power sources

the other leds I found are 15Meter leds 3x 5meter rolls. but these come with amplifiers as shown in the diagram.

what would you choose?

Check out these two videos they go over how to power strips. They also have links to recommended strips in the -show more- portion of the video description.

I ordered off of ali express. It’s my first time ordering from them. I’ve yet to receive them but it seems like a lot of people order from them without problems.

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