Getting started with sensors: SkyConnect & Sonoff sensors?

Bear with me, I’m new to HA. Until last week I didn’t know what Zigbee was and thought all smart devices were using WiFi.

I’ve installed HA on a RPI (docker based) in the garage and I want to have some temperature sensors in the bed rooms, about 10-20 meters from the garage through plasterboard walls and some insulation.

I’ve also read a lot about the new standard Matter, so I’d like to be future proof. Therefore, the HA SkyConnect seems the best option. They sell it at Seeedstudio and ship it to NZ, and they also sell Sonof SNZB-02 temp sensors.

Options in NZ are pretty limited, most of the Zigbee stuff has to come from overseas. In terms of repeaters, I am hoping that 10-20 meter through plasterboard should be okay for the SkyConnect?
I’ve been looking for a long time for routers, options here are not so good. The smart plugs sold here are all WiFi based. I could get Philips bulbs I think that will serve as repeater, however I don’t have a need at the moment for smart bulbs. I could get an USB powered repeater from AliExpress.

So, my plan is first to buy the SkyConnect + some SNZB-02 temp sensors from Seeed Studio. If the range is not sufficient I’ll buy 1 or 2 USB powered repeaters from AliExpress.

Am I anything missing? I’ve been doing research for way too long already so want to be sure this is going to work and is future proof.

What if you used repeaters that provide USB power? I use these exclusively (except of course for Zigbee light bulb repeaters). Shame Ikea hasn’t made it to NZ yet…

Yeah I’ve seen those, but Ikea doesn’t ship to NZ. I could ask a friend in Oz if need be, but I’d pay AU$9 untracked / $15 tracked at least :frowning: