Getting stuck on upgrading cython


I’m following the instructions on configuring the z-wave module:

I am running on a raspberry pi. I run the part as instructed: sudo pip3 install --upgrade cython

and then it just hangs…

Collecting cython
  Downloading Cython-0.24.tar.gz (1.7MB)
    100% |████████████████████████████████| 1.7MB 165kB/s
Building wheels for collected packages: cython
  Running bdist_wheel for cython ... |  

Any ideas what I should do?

Yikes, I’m impatient. It completed what it was doing… Nothing to see here :slight_smile:

How long did you have to wait? It’s been sitting there on the frozen spinner for 30+ min now

@ckanoab Did you ever get it working? i have been waithing for a good hour now
For info, mine finished build after over one hour.