Getting the "change password" to show up with HA 0.115

It is my understanding that starting with .115, the owner, who is me, should be able to change users’ passwords. I am not seeing that option. Is there something that needs to be configured for this to work?

I did find this in the “request” section.

It looked like @mchangsp is making a request, which I upvoted, but also asking a question. Depending on the answers here, I might that link that thread back to this thread.

If you go in the side panel, configuration -> users -> click a user. In the screen that pops up with user info, the middle option at the bottom should be change password. This is only user generated users. My system generated users do not have this option.

for me the same, also after update to 115.2 no change password possible neither in web or mobile


  • my observation: I don’t get the option to change passwords
  • my request: please give the possibility to admins to change passwords from other users
  • my assumption: the blog post mentions “owner of the system” (=first user ever created in Home Assistant configuration). I am afraid I deleted the first user ever created in my system. Question: could that be the reason I don’t see the option to change passwords?

I am running 0.115.2 and also no options in either web interface or mobile app (latest version).

This is how my screen looks like, no middle option:
ha user 2

Looks like it might be a .2 issue.
@silvrr What version do you have and have you upgraded to 115.2 yet?

@bsmeding and @mchangsp I created a new user just in case that had anything to do with it.
I am really curious if @silvrr has the same issue with 115.2. It could be that our owner’s account has some issues. I wonder if there is a way to look at that?

Here is what I am seeing …

I’m also not having the first user created, just because in previous releases it was even not possible to change your own password so I had to delete the account once.

Maybe there is the issue, only first user is able to change passwords and not tied to Administrators?

I was on 0.115.0. Just upgraded to 0.115.2 and still have the option to change passwords.

@bsmeding and/or @mchangsp do you have any users with this badge?
@silvrr is your owner user have the owner badge?

Yes it does.

I think that is our problem.

@bsmeding and @mchangsp I hack my auth and set me to owner and that fixed it. I was told that it could be very dangerous, so I backed up my .storage directory and did a backup through the supervisor. Anyway, I now see the owner badge and can change the change password option.

None of my users has the owner badge.

I think the reason is that I only had one user and I forgot the password of that user.
I was still logged in so I created a second administrator, logged using that user and deleted the first user.

I had to hack the json to make me the owner.
That is not the “approved” way. :slight_smile:

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Which json file is that and what is the syntax? Can you share an example?

I a little nervous since it is not a supported hack. It is the auth in the .support directory. If you look at the json file, there is a “is_owner” for each user and the “owner” is set to true.
Normal disclaimers, backup, backup, backup and do at your own risk.

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OK I understand, I see the change is pretty straightforward. I know you cannot give any guarantees and it’s my own risk. it’s almost midnight here, so I will make a backup and try it another time. Thanks!

I figure anyone who should be hacking it, could look at the file and get it. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, it went well for me. Let me know if you need anything else.

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