Getting the image/art from media_player/androidtv as a generic camera

I had the same idea as you. I ended up using the mini media player custom card (which as you’ll see the mini name is a bit of a misnomer) from HACS as you can set the card to have the album art just stretch the card. Then I get as much or as little media controls on the card as I want as well.

My card config looks like this

type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
entity: media_player.lounge_room_tv_adb
name: Lounge Room TV
icon: 'mdi:television'
artwork: full-cover
  volume: false
  source: true
  power_state: false
  info: true

Which looks like this

Of course I’m sure the custom card lets you turn off most if not all of its interface which essentially will make it act as a camera entity. also if I make a new tab in lovelace, set it to panel view and then have this card on it it scales that “album art” all the way up to fit whatever device I’m using it on and it seems to be a very high resolution. Which looks like this.

This is neat because I can watch my tv on another device at less than 1 fps but also concerning because I’m not sure how much network traffic this is creating and how much CPU time this is taking up on my TV and my Pi. I now wonder if I can actually turn it off haha. Lovelace: Mini Media Player


Thanks for the idea!

The reason I wanted it as a separate “virtual” camera was to expose it to appdaemon as well so I could view it on my appdaemon panel. Not sure if I can see lovelace items in the appdaemon dashboard.

fair enough! different use case :slight_smile:

I must have missed something! How do i get screenshots to work? I run it with adb server and if i set full-cover in mini media player i dont get an image like yours. Do i need to set som parameter in the config file to get this?

This is my full config:

  - platform: androidtv
    name: TV Bedroom ATV
    device_class: androidtv

I seem to remember having to authorize ADB either from the host that runs HA or from inside the container on the TV (so a popup appears asking if I want to allow it). Also, enable ADB over network on your TV. Do other commands on the media player work? What version is your android TV? I’m using it with ATV 9 on a Philips TV.

I have done this in the past for other media players, it is definitely able to be done, let me dig up my code I’m not infront of pc atm I’ll come back to you.

Here you go.

Create a camera image with you details like below

  - platform: generic
    name: Android Now Playing
    still_image_url:{{ states.media_player.android_tv.attributes.entity_picture }}

Thank you for the tip!
Indeed, under the media player attributes I could find:

entity_picture: /api/media_player_proxy/media_player.tv_bedroom_atv?token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&

Than can be used directly with the HA URL to produce a picture that I can use under appdaemon (or anything else).

Thanks a bunch!


Got it to work after rebooting tv and HA. But the image blinks all the time…so its not static image in the mini media player.

Maybe it’s a network issue and it times out? Is your ATV connected over wifi? It may go into sleep more frequently. I’m running wired.

Running it Wired to.

could be to do with android bridge how are you running the bridge?

I run the adb addon like this:

For what its worth, I didnt use the ADB addon. I just use the built in python ADB implementation. Maybe they handle it differently?

Might test that then! Thanks for the input.

Did you manage to stop the blinking?


I just used the mini-media-player and hide everithing:

type: custom:mini-media-player
entity: media_player.googletv
artwork: full-cover
  name: true
  icon: true
  info: true
  power: true
  source: true
  sound_mode: true
  controls: true
  prev: true
  next: true
  play_pause: true
  play_stop: true
  jump: true
  volume: true
  volume_level: true
  mute: true
  progress: true
  runtime: true
  runtime_remaining: true
  artwork_border: true
  power_state: true
  icon_state: true
  shuffle: true
  repeat: true
  state_label: true

But maybe there is even a way to make the update of the picture more live (update every 1 seconds or so)? (At the moment for me it refreshes the picture every 8-12 seconds.)


i have also just been looking at the album cover.
When I’m in the home menu everything works as well (see picture)
As soon as I open Netflix or Disney+ the cover stays black.
What can be the reason for this?


I’m going to have. ago at reviving this

I’m experiencing the sam e- no picture at all using Netflix

Anybody know why ?

Or perhaps more to the point is anybody with a GTV setup getting an artwork image the using HA and any of its media player cards when watching Netflix ?

This is because copyright issues. Netflix and Disney+ both have protection against screenshots.

Late reply here but the solution marked in this post throws an error whenever there isn’t an entity_picture attribute available. The following should fix that.

- platform: generic
  name: Android Now Playing
  still_image_url:{{ state_attr('media_player.android_tv', 'entity_picture') }}