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Hi, how does one recall/reference the cover art?
I am trying to make a Picture card, and in the image path I have tried:

'{{ state_attr(''media_player.musicpc'', ''entity_picture'') }}'
[[[ return states['media_player.musicpc'].attributes.entity_picture ]]]

I have tried various options regarding the apostrophes and all seem to error out.

I have this simple notification set up that sends a notification when someone starts playing on plex:

After today’s update, I no longer get the poster in the notification.
This is what it looks like in my automations.yaml:

 - service: notify.surfacepro8
      title: '{{ username}} started playback on {{ device }}'
      message: "{% if series == None %}\n  {{ title }}\n{% else %}\n  {{ series }}
        - S{{ season }}E{{ episode }} - {{ title }}\n{% endif %}\n"
        image: http://homeassistant.local:8123{{ picture }}

Is it normal behaviour that the created sensors don’t show up as entities/sensors on the integrations device page?

To be clear, the entities are created after the desired sensors are created, but they just don’t show up on this page.

Can you show what yaml you’re using?

Hi @nosuch, they were added to yesterday’s release. That release also better deals with scaling.

Not sure exactly. Found this solution, which creates a camera object:

  - platform: generic
    name: Music PC Playing
    still_image_url:{{ states.media_player.musicpc.attributes.entity_picture }}

Note: change to your instance’s IP.

Another one worth checking out is this one:

- entity: media_player.musicpc
  type: state-icon
  icon: mdi:speaker
   left: 22%
   top: 19%

Apparently setting its state as state-icon you just get the cover art.

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Can you please update the integration again (got a fix yesterday), and check again. If it still doesn’t work afterwards, please check both Home Assistant and HASS.Agent’s logs.

This is probably the integration’s page. It’s just for the media_player and notify entities. Look again for your HASS.Agent instance in the devices list, it should contain your entities.

Can you describe the difference between media player in “hass.agent media player add-on” and media player in “hass integration”? I installed hass integration a few days ago (when i installed beta winows app in order to play with edge tab names) and HA did find and created (second) media player for my laptop (main HA screen), but while first one (created with hass media player addon) does play on laptop’s speakers this new one doesn’t - in fact, it doesn’t even start. I trigger it with media_player.play service, but nothing happens - player’s log doesn’t have any entry about being played… should i remove hass media player addon in order to work?

Thanks a lot for your help, the camera object trick worked :smiley:

Yep updating the integration has fixed it, pictures are coming through again. Thanks!

I did it, my bad

After today’s update both media players work ,so my problem (described above) is solved.
I guess that now i can remove media player addon and keep only hass integration, correct?

Is it normal that the media player shows no cover art when added to the default HomeAssistant media controls card? I thought that the Windows Media API provides the image matching the current playing media as well. I’ve tested Spotify and Tidal which both show the cover art in the Windows Media controls.

I wonder…is it possible to create a sensor which would show when Hass Agent is to be updated? My HA runs fullscreen (kiosk mode) so just by looking to screen i don’t see if it’s update or not.
Anything - either a sensor or notification would be nice. I did some searching but didn’t find anything on this topic…

I have tested the problem with the umlauts again with the new version. Therefore, nothing has been changed yet, right?
I had posted the example text above, if you want to have a look at it. Thanks!

Great! Yep, you’re correct :slight_smile:

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No not normal, but you need the new integration for cover art to work. After installation, this integration will create a new media_player and notify entity for your PC, so you need to target that new entity for your media controls card.

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Yea of course, it’s already on my todo list: hassagent-86. Should be in the next version :slight_smile:

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You’re right @steff, but I didn’t forget - the next version will be focussed on tweaks and fixes like that one.

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