Getting the shelly1 firmware version / check there's an update / and update it

Let me just clarify from the beginning that I have no experience whatsoever with API/REST/HTTP.

Today I downloaded the chrome Advanced REST client and put this as a GET request

http://user:[email protected]

I got a ton of information from my shelly1, and the part that interests me is this

"update": {
"status": "idle",
"has_update": false,
"new_version": "20190402-134233/v1.4.9@9be72c7e",
"old_version": "20190402-134233/v1.4.9@9be72c7e"

How can I put this in Home Assistant, in a more humanly readable way, so I can see when my shellies have updates?

Also, is there a way sent an update request from Home Assistant, so the shelly can be updated without me having to login on their web interface?