Getting the street name from geocoded location?

Hi, can anyone please help me with extracting the Street name out of a Geocoded location entity, so I can use it in a script (goal is, asking Alexa what street is my partner at, and having Alexa say the street name via TTS - I know I can look at a map, I just want to use voice for this).

I can’t write regexp and I couldn’t find the exact expression I’m after (“match text until first number”).

The state of the geocoded location entity is like this:

Náměstí svobody 521/8 639 00 Brno Česká republika

and what I’m after is getting just the “Náměstí svobody” part.

How would you go about this? Thanks for any info!

If you go to Developer Tools and look at the state of the geocoded location you’ll see that there are a number of attributes, one of which is “Thoroughfare”. Could you use that in your TTS message to give you the streetname?

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I did exactly that, thank you!

I would be interested in the regex anyway, if possible :slight_smile: