Getting your Plex Token

Wanted to share a useful guide for getting your Plex Token, which was pretty poorly explained on the plex guide since did not state you have to download the XML


manyyyyyyyy thankssssssss

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Thank you so much, I’ve been struggling with this for a while now.
Why isn’t this part of official documentation?

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Because it’s not needed anymore. The integration will obtain its own token with a new method during setup.

Actually the plex sign-in method didn’t worked for me, and the manual configuration wouldn’t work either without it.


The usual causes of setup issues are related networking or DNS. Might you be running HA or Plex in a Docker container without using host networking mode?

It is running on my raspbery pi so yes I think it’s inside a docker container.

HA or Plex? Both? Are you using the Plex add-on? Can you share some details on the actual error you’re encountering?

HA only. Plex is on my local network on my NAS.
No I don’t have the error logs, I just remember it was complaining about authentication.

If you can reproduce and provide logs I can try to help.

Even if the manual method isn’t preferred/required any longer there should at least be a blurb in the documentation about how to gather the token, imo.