GFI Outlet - Canada


I’m looking to replace an outdoor GFCI Outlet with one that comes with Tasmota or Zigbee. I haven’t tried ESPHome so I suppose I could through that into the mix.

It should be a GFCI, duplex outlet and I’d like it to have power monitoring. Can each outlet be controlled individually or is the whole outlet being turned on / off by HA? Can some one recommend an outlet that meets these requirements? Note: I do have a Tasmota and Zigbee plug that I could install into the existing GFCI outlet, but I’m looking for a cleaner install.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

I do not know of any GFCI outlet with that power monitoring and control of the outlet. With GFCI, as long as the first outlet in a string of outlets are protected, you are good under code. If this outlet cannot be added to another GFCI outlet up the stream, you might not be able to do it.

However, if you need it, you can put whatever normal outlet that fits the bill in the outlet but then change the breaker controlling it in your breaker box to one that does the GFCI protection for you.

Thanks for the response. I looked into it further and the first outlet is GFCI while the second is a standard outlet. So I don’t need to replace the second one with a GFCI. I think this outlet has Tasmota already installed:

Do you have a suggestion as to which outlet I should purchase?

I do not. I would think you would want one whose temperature can handle your Canadian winters. For me, I want Sense to figure out what each device is so I have been very limited to what I can use, really just the Kasa/TP-Link stuff and that can still be difficult because not everything has it.

Shop around and look at reviews is my only advice. But, I am glad your GFCI is an outlet upstream from this one so at least you do not have to worry about that. You might also be able to add an automation to alert you if that outlet goes down, indicating either the circuit is down or the GFCI has tripped.

Thanks for the advice.