GHome integration with HA? (NOT Google Home, but GHome hardware devices)

Does anyone know if GHome products have any integration with HA?

Very confusingly named company – most all Google searches take me to Google Home. But this is something else. (

I just found their products on Amazon; see the GHome store on Amazon. Or company web site. Lots of very nice product features & some feature combinations not seen elsewhere, at very good price points.

But no idea if they work with HA. Presumably wi-fi, works w Alexa & w Google Home, no idea if it can be made to work locally. Has anyone seen info?

Looking up one of the products:

It looks like they are wifi tuya based products, you may be able to use the tuya or smartthings intergrations in HA to control them.

Thanks; that helps. Might have to buy one and experiment, to make sure I can control completely local (possibly Tuya Local or LocalTuya? --never can keep those two straight). Definitely would run it on a network segment with no Internet access. (I occasionally let things hit Internet during setup, but lock them down afterwards.)

Update: I bought & just received one of the GHome devices to test with. Found it uses Gosund app. Which I think does mean one of the Tuya integrations should do the job.

Did you get this working?

Sorry, got backburnered. Had to raise priority on a couple other things to maintain WAF here in the household. But that’s a good reminder for me to get that one back on the list.

I’ve heard that local Tuya stuff may be simpler than when I last looked into it. Am sure hoping so.

I bought one, got it yesterday. It does use the tuya app. I added it and the BLE gateway to HA. They both added with (Not Supported) and zero functionality. :frowning: I can’t even get Google Home to see them yet.

When devices are listed as unsupported its a matter of waiting on the device maker to issue a firmware update.

I had this issue with a tuya based deadlatch lock when I added it to the smartlife app after migrating away from the tuya app (both had the same issue when tested).