Ghost automations remains in Node-Red

Hi, I’m having issues with a memory leak and I’m trying to pin point to it.
I deleted several automations but they somehow still show up in the list in Node-Red on service call node.
Is there a way to refresh the cache? Or are they still there, somewhere in my system?

  • Deleted them from automation interface in HA
  • Checked in automation.yaml and they are gone

Did you try and restart node red add on?

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And there I am… feeling dumb. That was it. Thanks!

No need to feel dumb. I have done the same thing.
You’d expect a full restart to restart node red also, but guess not.

The restart of HA will actually just restart the HA Containers.
If you want to restart all of the containers on the system (the addons) as well, then you need to do a full reboot of the host machine.