Gira Friends of HUE

Hello together,

the gira friends of hue switch drives me crazy.

I am using the zonoff zigbee usb-stick, and I already added the switch via z2mqtt to my home assistant. However I can´t see any changes in Action when I press a button.

Do I need to use the philliph hue app or what am I doing wrong.
I also tried some blueprints but nothing seemed to work.

I think I am forgetting something very stupid, any help is appreciated.

using this myself soon, I suppose the whole point of those is to indeed use the app, and setup the triggers and actions there. Why else buy an expensive button, and not just any simple button non related to Hue at all and automate that in HA?

Unless your main driver was they should be fixed inside the wall switches frame ofc :wink:

otoh, If you already have it integrated, doesnt that integration provide events, or state changes you can see in HA?