Git commit...but where

Hi there,
A couple of days ago I was finding my around and saw git commit in file editor, went ahead and pressed it, thinking I haven’t put my Github details in so it would then ask me to… but it didn’t. :crazy_face: Where did this go? on Github? pre-staging ready to upload to Github when I find where to put my details in?
Sorry for the question, after about 2hrs of searching google I couldn’t find where it was. I might have been using the wrong terminology still finding my way around HA :slight_smile:
TIA :grinning:

Git and github are two different things. Github is a remote repository service, git is a version management tool.

Ergo using git (the version management tool) on your own computer does not ‘send’ it anywhere, github or otherwise.

I would suggest using your favourite search engine to understand what git is/does, and how that relates to remote repository services such as github and gitlab.

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:man_facepalming: I read it as github! that’s why I couldn’t find anything! my apologies.

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