Git pull on success from Travis

Hey Guys,

I’ve seen old posts demonstrating how people automate the git pull HA, using custom sensors taking the status of the travis CI build.

However, I notice that all of these threads are old… and the scripts once referred to have gone.

My question is not so much how to do the above… I’ve setup the travis CI which runs on a push to the repo… however it takes 90 seconds to build.

My questions is more; is there a better way of doing this? And is that why people have looked at other methods of testing?

Is it still recommended to use travis to build a test env for the config check?

My concern is that if I do go down this route, by the time I’ve committed and pushed the new config to the repo, then travis runs, and then the automation takes over and pulls the config from the repo and then restarted HASS… this could all take over 2 minutes to complete.

That’s a lot of time for something which we’re always ‘tinkering’ with :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?