Git requirements for a custom component do not update after reload

I’m debugging a python module and its corresponding component in Home Assistant, however I’m having trouble with installing the latest code from a git repository. Whenever I push changes to git, I would expect Home Assistant to pickup the changes and install the updated module (after reloading of course) though it just continues to use the old code. I’ve tried setting a specific git hash and version but the same problem occurs.

This is my mainifest.json in the custom_components/opower directory (the URL won’t be publicly accessible). I’m using Home Assistant OS

  "domain": "opower",
  "name": "Opower",
  "codeowners": ["@tronikos"],
  "config_flow": true,
  "dependencies": ["recorder"],
  "documentation": "",
  "iot_class": "cloud_polling",
  "loggers": ["opower"],
  "requirements": ["opower @ git+"],
  "version": "1.0.0"

Is there anyway to force an update or any additional logging I can enable to help me troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance.

I’m not entirely sure if that works with a private url.
But I think you need to specify a branch and bump the version of the custom package to a newer than the default package it would otherwise install.

  "requirements": ["opower@git+"]