GitHub bot closes issues without warning and integration devs can't reopen them

Why does the GitHub bot close open issues without a warning? Other GitHub projects that I know also use a bot to close stale issues, but the bots in other projects first create a warning comment and only close the issue if no new user comment is created for some time after that.

Even worse, your integration developers can’t reopen closed issues. Why?

Example: Daikin AC integration: Incorrect thermostat precision · Issue #74158 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

The bot does add a label, but I don’t thing you get notifications about those, unfortunately.

That integration developers cannot reopen tickets makes sense, they likely don’t have any more rights on the repo than you and me. With hundreds of integration developers (which are usually just community contributers) you can’t give everybody rights on the repo itself. That’s what PRs are used for.

It would be nice if they could for example have the integration owner tag the bot in a comment asking it to reopen the ticket, but not sure what features the bot has :thinking:.

I’m not sure the solution, but many official addons (duckdns, tailscale) apear to be healthy, but in fact have many critical issues that are marked closed where people can no longer discuss or offer workarounds.

The issues which manage to stay open are full of “not stale” comments, which hardly feels ideal.

Is this bot configuration enforced at the GitHub HA org level, or can individual HA repositories relax it a bit?

Edit: at a minimum, I don’t see why restricting comments on closed issues is necessary. Folks can unsubscribe if they don’t care about it further.

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Seems like this problem doesn’t affect all repositories. E.g. in the frontend repo, the GitHub bot creates a comment when it adds the stale label.