GitHub new token

I just received ab email from GitHub about creating new token fro HACS.
Can someone help me to understand how to use the new token inside HACS configuration?
AM i forced to uninstall HACS and reinstall it again or can i do something else without reinstall HACS?

In your configuration.yaml file there should be a declaration for HACS., something like;

# Enable HACS
  # token generated on 2021/05/20
  token: ghp_rMehKWFT5U61inVBzuki0ZTigkT7Avxxxxxxx

go to github and your account and go to settings. Under the Developer settings section you will be able to regenerate your token. Put it in the above section and reboot the system. That should have enabled your new token.


Thanks, and in case i installed HACS through UI and not YAML?

Got the same email. I just deleted the HACS integration then without restarting added it again and used the new OAuth method. Easy peasy.


Does removing HACS remove it’s integrations as well? I also installed it via the UI.

I followed the instructions from @tom_l and all was good without any issue…

Don’t have any HACS integrations, but the frontend custom cards were all still there.

Thanks, worked just fine.

Hi There,
I need a little help here, ive got the Github mail to and renewed my token.
Now i dont have acces anymore to the web UI or APK for my home assistant…
I can not find the Token in the files , i can acces the files on my pc but find nothing like this…

How did you do that?

The matter should be easy to solve: Uninstall HACS from HA, restart HA and install HACS again. Nothing to worry about the integrations, cards etc. installed through HACS since they will not be touched by the procedure.

It should be really that trivial!

Thanks, but i can only on following folders. I already removed the hacs , but got still no connection… folder

Schermafbeelding 2021-07-01 174334 Schermafbeelding 2021-07-01 174402 Schermafbeelding 2021-07-01 174442