GivTCP 2.4.3 finds no devices

I followed the instructions from @SpeakToTheGeekTech ( but I do not get any MQTT devices in Home Assistant. There is also no log entry I could find for the MQTT integration, or the GivTCP add-on. So I am completely out of my depths, what is going wrong. I also played around with the toggles on old firmware and AOP in the add-on config, but nothing seems to change. I was assuming the inverter would be on the new firmware, but can’t neither confirm nor reject this.
Any ideas someone? Thank you!

This seems to be where the people who use that custom integration hang out: GivEnergy Solar Inverter Try asking there.

Thank you! Will check it out!

I received the information that currently the 3 Phase inverter is not supported by the Add-On. Hopefully, I will get from the other people or GivEnergy themselves a better news…