GivTCP new release - 1.1.4

New update to GivTCP has dropped. Version 1.1.4 is here. I’ve tested as much as I can with my single invertor single battery plant. If you’re running the add on it “should” let you know there’s an update.

Be warned there is a breaking change for the entity and device names in Home Assistant, sorry about that but it’s there to help those with multiple invertors and batteries!

New features to check out include:

  • web dashboard courtesy of Dan Gallo. (Point your browser to the IP address of your home assistant machine usually at http://homeassistant.local:3000 )
  • rate tracking if you’re on a peak/off peak tariff.
  • Data filtering (no more zero values)
  • PV string current
  • rename home assistant device prefix (instead of always “GivTCP” at the start)

Make sure you review all the new config entries/ENV to set it up properly.

As always happy to help if people get stuck and please do feedback what does and doesn’t work!

I seem to be struggling with the givtcp running in docker-compose enviroment with few other containers
one of the other containers needed an update so so run docker-compose pull and restarted the containers. this resulted in givtcp being updated aswell.

since I updated I have lost the mqtt output from the givtcp docker container.
checked the inverter Ip. correct
created a fresh new Pi image with docker and docker-compose only running the givtcp container and when checking with the mqtt explorer there is no output. also used the new docker-compose.yaml but to no avail.

anybody else has this problem?
can not troubleshoot as away from home.

Latest version changes the ENV and other key attributes. If it pulled latest image, but didn’t update the compose file that would be why.
Main change is INVERTOR_IP becomes INVERTOR_IP_1 and NUMBATTERIES_1

i had seen that the compose yaml file had changed. so copied the new compose file in and edited to my situation. 1 (hybrid) inverter. 1 battery and the inverter ip
no output.
then as said created a new docker system with only the givtcp running fresh loaded with new compose file edited to my situation
still no output from the mqtt when i call with mqtt explorer.
so far i do not know where the problem sits. not able to trouble shoot as away from home for the next week.
hoped someone run in the same problem as it is only fresh update.