GivTCP Target SOC keeps changing

Hello all,
I am using HA so stop my Zappi car charger drawing the Givenergy battery. When the Zappi internal CT goes above 3Kw the battery is turned off and when it drops below 50Watts the battery is turned on again. There are other ways to do this with the plug status but this has been working well so far.

I am now charing the batter over night from the grid but the Control GivTCP Target SOC keeps randomly changing so the battery only charges to the random amount. I contacted Givenergy support and they told me to turn off HA and set the target SOC in the app to 100%, when I did this the battery charged to 100% over night. When I turn HA back on the problem returned and I have no idea why. I don’t have any automation running that use the battery SOC.

My question is why is the Control GivTCP Target SOC changing and what can I do to stop it?

I’ve just come across this whilst researching the same problem. Its been a while and you may have resolved his, , but In my case I’m pretty sure it is because I configured the solcast api into givtcp and it’s now deciding what the SOC should be based on the Solar forecast and usage pattern!