Glance card and groups

When I toggle the status of a group in a glance card, it won’t show a different icon color indicating its state.
The state changes (On, Off) But the icon remains the same color. If I put a light or a switch on a glance card, the icon will turn yellow when state is On.
Is there any way to do it for a group?

I think there isn’t at the moment.
Maybe there will be support for state_color in the future for Glance cards.

Glance cards do support state color and the default value is true. Like the entities card should be :angry:

As for group icons in glance cards you could try specifying state_color: true for the individual entity like this:

  - entity:
    state_color: true

It may work, it may not. I don’t know.

that’s true.
However, I tried both per-card and per-entity state_color: true for a group and it had no effect on the group icon’s colour, hence my statement.

Well you said:


Maybe there will be support for state_color for groups in the future for Glance cards.

Hence my statement :wink:

I’m not saying my initial statement was 100% correct if it’ll make your happier :wink:

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Seems that there is support (hence no syntax errors) but it doesn’t do what its expected to do (icon color remains the same).
Will continue using entities card instead of glance card, since there I can see toggle switches state. Hopefully this will get fixed in the future.