Glance Card - Attributes instead of Entity Value

I want to show on a glance Card Attributes, instead of the Entity Value.
I learned that for a long Time, one could only do this by Variables/Templates. But this should be possible by now.
This Way i could keep the dynamic Icon of the Entity:

But i just can’t get it to work :frowning:
For the Entity-Card i managed it, but not for the Glance.

What am i doing wrong?

Not reading the documents. These are the only available options. Entity attribute is not one of them.

But how did the Guy from the linked Post achieve it? It looks exactly how i want it.
And for the Docs: While in general it is really well documented, a couple of times i found Options in the Net, that were not noted.
Anyway, i wouldnt have asked, if there wouldnt have been that post with the Image perfectly displaying what i want :relaxed:

create a sensor for example like this:

  - platform: template
        value_template: "{{state_attr(' weather_home', 'temperature') }}"

and add the sensor in the glance card. That’s the only solution i found and works for me.
The above solution from @crguez didn’t worked for me too.


I for one am glad you asked, as this post gives the actual answer now, instead of hinting at it like the referenced question.

I am less pleased with the wasted time on finding out the original thread contains an incorrect, undisputed solution that can no longer be commented on to warn other users away from it.


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