Glance card colours not working anymore

Just noticed the state colour is not changing for my doors and windows on the Glance card. I have tried adding state_color: true to my yaml even though that should be the default. I think this might have happened in the latest update. Anyone else with this issue?

It is working. Some of those entities have a lighter blue to show they are active.

Pretty clever colour choice eh? :roll_eyes:

See here for a solution: I dislike the 2022.12 Color changes

Thanks Tom. Would I be right I assuming if you use the Theme (which I don’t currently) that if the core is changed then I won’t know they have fixed it and can remove that? Has anyone put in a PR or raised in issue to change it back?

Actually reading more of that thread it appears that perhaps core is only supporting two colours so everyone will have to use a theme from now on?

Correct your theme will override any core changes. It’s easy enough to swap from the default theme to yours in your profile to check after an update.

It’s not going to be changed back. The colours may get tweaked though. I mean I hope they will, your example is a prime reason.

Honestly, I don’t know. The frontend and changes to it just aren’t documented. But if you don’t like the colour choices, then yes.

Ok thanks Tom. I’ll,follow along on that other thread and learn about themes!