Glance Card with 3 different calendar events?


I have 3 recurring events in a calendar I made (garbage collections).
Is it possible to get them into three seperate columns with glance card?


They seems to be in 3 separate columns in your pic, please provide your code as well

In short, Yes it’s possible

type: glance

  • entity: calendar.avfall
  • entity: calendar.avfall
  • entity: calendar.avfall

I don´t know how to filter each event out and to get the date.

Go to /Developer Tools/States and paste this


there you’ll see State And Attributes

Also read this

As an amateur this doesn´t help me much…
I find and know of these menus. But what do I do with the information?

Funny i’t’s the first time i’ve seen someone with this Badge ( Read Guidelines ) :slight_smile:


Anyways, here they are, With answers to Your question
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PS: In the bottom of first link(calendar), you’ll find examples, which might help you

I´m the only one and still doing it wrong

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Your not !, but it will help You get better answers, maybe even from someone who already has a “perfect” solution for you, if you did i.e a Search in the Forum, you would see there a a bunch of people using Calendar, in various ways, it’s a good inspiration source also !

PS: Use i.e searchwords like … Garbage Collection, Calendar event … ( or both )