Glance card with input_boolean automation problems

I created controls for my TV, and with it, I implemented automation that will trigger once I press the button.
I have a couple of problems:

  1. The Name of the card is not showing.
    Whatever I do the name is not showing and because of it I get disbalance in UI
    My code is:

      - type: glance
               show_name: false
               show_state: false
               column_width: calc(100% / 1)
                 - entity: input_boolean.playback_buttons
                   name: TEST
                   tap_action: toggle
         - type: conditional
             - entity: input_boolean.playback_buttons
               state: "on"
             type: glance
             show_name: false
             show_state: false
             column_width: calc(100% / 4)
               - entity: script.d3_rewind
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_stop
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_play
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_forward
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_left
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_right
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_up
                 tap_action: toggle
               - entity: script.d3_down
                 tap_action: toggle
  2. The menu that is triggered once I press the button it is not formatting as it should.
    From the image below you can see that the generated layout looks different than intended
    I want to have 2 rows of 4 buttons but for some reason, it is not generating correctly.

The code above is showing that as well.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

I am new in Home Assistant and a lot of my code is “Frankensteined” :smiley:
I probably did something wrong but cant wrap my head oround it.

I think the following snippet in your configuration is why the name isn’t shown:

Try changing false into true if you want the name visible :wink: (or remove the line altogether, the default value is true if the line is missing)

That was it. The first problem solved thanks a lot.

Regarding my second question.
I found out the solution.

column_width: calc(100% / 4) is apsolite
New code for the same setup is

columns: 4

Now everything works correctly