Glance Clock

I’ve just received my Glance Clock as part of their Beta, at the moment it will only connect via bluetooth to the iOS app (from Testflight), but they will be releasing API access. There’s a thread about a local bluetooth bridge (instead of a phone) on their beta discussion board here

Looks good from 1st impressions, have setup a few IFTTT webhook integrations and they seems to work


ive ordere also one but still waiting, i took the upgraded version + wifi (makes more sense to me instead of bleutooth only) cant wait till i will get mine! you like it so far? looks promising


I found my old glance clock in a drawer and wanted to throw it away. Since it was pretty rubbish in 2017(!). I was curious and found out the clock is still being sold in 2021. And actually the old company had been bought by a dutch company. For fun I just installed the app and powered up the clock. It updated to a november 2020 version of the firmware. Development is still being done. I was surprised. So I googled Home Assistant and Glance clock to see if someone was able to use the clock with Home Assistant. :slight_smile:

It’s fun someone found out the BLE protocol. But I might not be knowledgable enough to create something with the information of the above mentioned github account.

@anthonyangel did you ever get this to work and, if so, could you explain how you did it?

Mine is still sitting in a drawer and on my to-do list. There are some vague instructions in which should give more info

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Thanks mate! I’ll look into this and share here if I succeeded :slight_smile:

Did you get anywhere?

No…sorry. the battery broke down and I left the clock for what it was. Unusable :wink:

It’s a shame now that bluetooth proxy exists, there should be a desire to get an integration started.

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