Glance - tap action - KNX


I would like to create a “Glance-Card”, where I click on the symbol and a KNX off or on command is sent to the stored group address…

is there an issue?

type: glance
  - entity: light.aussen_zentral_aus
    name: TV an
    icon: 'mdi:television'
    tap_action: call-service
    service: switch.turn_on
    service_date: 'on'
title: ZENTRAL
show_name: true
show_icon: true
show_state: false

best regards andy

I think “service_date” should spell “service_data” and it is probably not necessary as “turn_on” implies ON (it’s not turn_off)

> type: button
> tap_action:
>   action: call-service
>   service: light.turn_on
> entity: light.licht_eg

Fehler beim Aufrufen des Diensts light/turn_on. sequence item 0: expected str instance, Optional found

:frowning: any ideas?