Glances announces new discovery every restart

I use the Glances integration to monitor various of my servers. It’s configured through the GUI. One of my monitored servers is my HA host (Intel NUC, supervised). Every time I restart, the Glances integration creates a “new device discovered” notification, pointing to localhost. But I already have localhost as one of the configured devices.

I’ve tried deleting the localhost device and I’ve tried turning off the “Enable newly added entities” option. There doesn’t seem to be an “ignore” option.

Can anyone help? Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?

I’ve got this happening to me ! Not sure what my change was.
Tho since now a lot of things don’t need a restart I don’t see it that often (Lovelace interface started that trend !)

Anyone able to help with this?

Trouble is it doesn’t show in the logs where it found it, so can’t fix :frowning:

Two things i did, can’t tell which fixed it tho.

  1. updated to 2021.6.3
  2. remove the reference in my config.yaml for glances.
    i.e. i had a line that read


i removed that.

have tried both those things - still get the annoying discovery announcements…