Glances component not detecting RaspberryPi CPU Temperature

Not sure if this is the right place

Home Assistant release with the issue:

Operating environment (
HA running on Docker 17.05.0-ce, build 89658be Ubuntu Xenial
Glances running on Raspberry PI Raspbian Stretch


Description of problem:

Does not list cpu temperature on raspberry pi 2

I have a fix for this issue.
In code line starting 182 add “bcm2835_thermal 1” to searched sensor label as per code below

if sensor['label'] in ['CPU', "Package id 0", "Physical id 0", "cpu-thermal 1", "exynos-therm 1", "soc_thermal 1", "bcm2835_thermal 1"]:

I don’t know how to push this change in git I hope someone is able to do this for me.

Click on the green button and fill out the form:

EDIT: corrected hyperlink.

@tom_l The repo you linked to is for the Home Assistant documentation, not Home Assistant itself.

@coza73 I would suggest opening an issue in the Home Assistant repo you linked to. Even if you can’t make a PR yourself, somebody else can, especially when you’re already providing a fix!

For the record, this bug seems to also affect the CPU temperature sensor on a Raspberry Pi 3. That same sensor works fine on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. In the Glances web UI, the sensors are shown differently: bcm2835_thermal 1 for the RPi 3 and cpu-thermal 1 for the RPi 3 B+.