Glances: How to monitor another HA instance?

Hey everyone,
I think it’s simple but i cant figure it out.
I have a HA instance running glances add-on at with default settings on HA OS.
What settings do i need to use in the glances integration on another HA host ( to connect to the first one?


I don’t have two HA instances to try, but to get to HA Glances from outside HA I updated the glances add-on config, clicked on ‘show unused’ under Network and entered 61208 to expose the web interface. After restarting the add-on, the username/password will be that for your HA instance.

Hey, thanks for sharing.

I ended up making it work with homeassistant remote, and passed just the sensors I needed.

Will try to verify if your solution works though, just for the documentation :slight_smile: