Glances Integration: How to access Network bandwidth and GPU info?

I just installed the Glances integration to be able to monitor a remote PC’s resources (Ethernet Rx/s, Tx/s, GPU utilization, CPU, disk, etc). …the same information I would see when opening up Glances locally (see screenshot below).

To my surprise, only very basic Glances entities were added to Home Assistant (CPU, disk, and RAM utilization).

What do I need to do to be able to access the information circled in RED below as entities? Hopefully, I don’t have manually create REST-based sensors for all the missing entities. Or even worse, not being able to access this information at all.

Thanks so much in advance for your assistance.

You would have to open a feature request as these are the only currently supported sensors:

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That is what you will have to do.

When I wrote the glances integration and the underlaying Python module glances_api I was limited to what my own hardware provided.

We could always extent the glances sensor.


Where can I create FR for GPU sensors?