Glances integration - SOLVED

I’m running Glances on 3 devices, i.e. two Unraid servers and an iMac. The Unraid servers (with Glances v3.3.0.4) connect to HA with no issue. HA fails to connect to Glances on the iMac (Glances v3.3.1.1). My browser connects to Glances ( with no issues.

From log:

Logger: frontend.js.latest.202301100
Source: components/system_log/ 
First occurred: 10:53:56 (5 occurrences) 
Last logged: 12:01:12

:0:0 Script error.

Any feedback on this issue is greatly appreciated!

Double check your port numbers


From Glances I get this:

Glances Web User Interface started on

With below, I get a “failed to connect”.

Issue solved! I used incorrect host IP. I should have known better. Sorry!

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