Glances Integration: What method does it use to access a Glances server?

For some reason, the entities for the Glances integration will spontaneously disconnect and reconnect for me. I don’t have any issues at all when I use my own REST sensors pointing to the Glances API end-points (using templates). Also, I don’t have any issues when accessing the Glances webpage in a regular web browser.

Does anyone know why I am only seeing this issue with Glances Integration entities; but, not with the REST sensors I added? Is there any way for me to avoid this issue with the Glances Integration so I don’t have to create all my sensors manually?

I thought that the Glances Integration just uses REST sensors to access the Glances server; but, apparently not.

Do you have it installed on a Raspberry Pi? I’ve been trying to install it and it just freezes the Pi.

Im running the Glances server on my Windows 10 PC. I have Home Assistant running in a VirtualBox VM.

OK thanks. I think it’s loading just taking forever on my Pi