GLedopto controller and LED, could use some tips

I purchased the highly recommended GLedopto C8 controller w Zigbee integration, also some IP65 rated strip lighting.
The controller does RBG + CCT and the LED strip has six lines and supports RBG and two white shades, 6 lines total.

Hooked it up to the PS, first time I’ve done this. All the wiring seems correct. Plugged it in and connected with Zigbee no problem.

The light is now on and green. It’s only green. The HA card has a color and intensity setting for when lights are next turned on, but they don’t seem to do anything. It’s green all the time. Power switch on card works fine, toggles strip on and off.

So where do I go from here. I was surprised there was not a Gledopto app that comes with the controller just for testing.

I tried the Philips Hue app but it didn’t see it, it wanted the Hue bridge.

So I’m stuck. Looking to control via app and via HA but not working for me.

Picture attached.

Hi, since it’s a zigbee device you need something that can communicate with this protocol: that’s why there is no app for your phone that can do this.

I guess you are using a light card, right?
Did you find the color wheel and can’t you change the color from there?
Be aware that a light will come on with the last setting and if you want another setting, you have to add these to an automation, script or scene.

Great help thank you. I am new at this and I have only been creating entity cards without knowing I was creating entity cards. I created the new card, a color card which I have never used before and sure enough, they were the options with the color and intensity all working. Thank you so much. Great help thank you

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Good that it’s solved, you’re welcome!

Can you please mark the answer that solved this for you as the solution? That way this topic has more value for fellow HA-users who search for the same thing + no time/energy is wasted by others trying to help you.