Gledopto Lightstrip Attributes

Hi everyone!

I have two Zigbee controlled Gledopto Lightstrips under my bed. I added the lightstrips via the ZHA integration. After installing I noticed that there was no smooth transition when I turn the light on and off. I changed the attribute off_with_transition from false to true. That works fine now.

I created two scenes in HA but when swap from scene 1 to scene 2 there is no smooth transition. In below attributes I think I can change that, but I don’t know were.

Which attribute do I need to change to get the smooth transition?

Thanks for your help!

min_color_temp_kelvin: 2020
max_color_temp_kelvin: 6451
min_mireds: 155
max_mireds: 495

  • colorloop
  • color_temp
  • xy
    color_mode: xy
    brightness: 254
    color_temp_kelvin: null
    color_temp: null
  • 113.6
  • 88.235
  • 54
  • 255
  • 30
  • 0.190433
  • 0.720073
    effect: null
    off_with_transition: true
    off_brightness: null
    friendly_name: Lichtstrip Rob
    supported_features: 44

There are a couple different GLEDOPTO Zigbee LED controllers on the market. Which do you have?

I’ve the GL-C-007, I’ve been considering replacing them with a different product or perhaps the GL-C-008. The GL-C-008 actually has OTA firmware update available, there is no sign of any updates available for the GL-C-007. I have two 007’s and each behaves slightly different under HA.

I have this one:

Model: GL-C-001MC