GLEDOPTO ZigBee 3.0 LED Controller Pro won't pair with ZHA

Hi all,

Just starting my journey with using home assistant and Zigbee devices.
I’ve installed an LED strip with the GLEDOPTO ZigBee 3.0 LED GL-008 controller in my garage for a workbench light. its right next to the cabinet with the pi running HA and the conbee 2 stick.
I just can’t get ZHA to see the controller - I have reset it multiple times just I cannot search for it or it does not automatically appear.
It was a complete nightmare getting the conbee 2 stick to work in the first place but after reinstalling HA its now online show all the correct data
any ideas?

Many questions…

Have you successfully included any zigbee devices yet?

How is the stick attached to your Pi? Extension cable? USB hub? Straight in a port on the Pi?

What Zigbee channel is your installation using.

What 2.4Ghz wifi channels are being used in the area (yours and your neighbors if they’re close)

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for responding and with regards to your questions;

  • I have not managed to get any Zigbee devices connected
  • Conbee 2 stick is connected directly to the Pi on port 1 - I will be adding a extension cable when it arrives to move it out of my house networking cabinet
  • its showing as channel 15
  • the majority of channels used in the house and those I can scan around me are between 1-12 on 20mhz and 40mhz so having it on 15 seems to be fairly clear

Eh - not exactly. Zigbee and Wifi Channels don’t line up - it’s two different oarbitrary overlapping number sequences:

There are three prevailing ‘channels’ people use for 2.4Ghz wifi by default 1, 6, 11 (blue - 1, green - 6 and yellow - 11 lobes in the graph) and the red bumps are how the Zigbee channels lay across them

Your Zigbee is currently 15. So its impacted by Wifi 2.4 1 and 6 (It sits right between them actually) If you have a lot of Wifi 1 and 6 around - this can be impacting you… BUT based on your description, I’d bet it’s the lack of extension cord.

Zigbee sticks are RIDICULOUSLY susceptible to RF interference - especially of the sort that comes off of a USB3 bus. Guess what is also really noisy? A Rpi USB bus.

You NEED (read, basically not optional) a short extension at the VERY LEAST to get the stick away from the Pi. I use a small, powered USB2 hub. Just a half meter away is usually enough to make a difference. I’d get the extension first then try it. If it still doesn’t work after that it’s a good time to look at a Zigbee channel change to a rather quiet channel before you start adding other devices.

Thanks Nathan,
I’m having a few issues even starting ZHA in HA.
After upgrading the core to the most recent, the RSSI and LQI are unavailable now.
I have unplugged the stick and plugged it back in.
Also, when I try to erase and create a new network I get to the point where it starts the process then just shows “ERROR” on the screen.