Globe ( tuya ) bluetooth smart plug

Hi, I did a mistake, I bought 4 globe bluetooth plug 50839. Is there a way i can control them ?


Yes, using the intended Smart Life or Globe Suite Apps. The 50839 is specific to the Canadian market and only available at Dollarama.

They cannot be controlled using Home Assistant directly as they use a proprietary Bluetooth Protocol called Tuya Beacon. They work differently from Tuya BLE devices.

If anyone is interested in implementing the protocol Tuya has a repository that has some details, mostly in Chinese: GitHub - tuya/tuya-iotos-beacon-sdk-ak80x: The Bluetooth protocol of Tuya IOT platform includes: Tuya BLE Protocol, SIG Mesh Protocol, Tuya Beacon Protocol. Compared with Tuya BLE Protocol and SIG Mesh Protocol, Tuya Beacon Protocol is very compact, It is suitable for porting to various ble beacon chips to realize SOC level low-cost applications.
The most relevant parts are unfortunately hidden in a static binary blob. But some of the protocol information can be gleaned from the sample code.
Similar to the Tuya BLE devices they use an authentication key that would need to be fetched from the Tuya Cloud before you’d be able to pair them to any third party implementation. So while the plugs wouldn’t require a cloud connection to operate they do require it at least once upon initial setup to fetch the authkey. This is how the GitHub - PlusPlus-ua/ha_tuya_ble: Home Assistant support for Tuya BLE devices integration handles it for the BLE devices.

I didn’t look into it further as I currently don’t need more smart plugs and they also don’t meet my quality expectations.

Thanks for your answer. you are right i will bought something better. i was just wondering if there is allready something to control them since I already have them

Thanks again