GloryStar Vega 101 Tablets

Hello Community,

While searching for some tablets I could wall mount, I’ve just stumbled across a nice piece of device that could be absolutely perfect to work with Home Assistant (see also Vega X for doorbell/doorlock)

The device is completely brand new (it was released early 2019)

The price is still a bit high compared to a normal tablet (count 500$ for the vega 10" and vega x is not commercialized yet but probably in the 300$ range)

But It got some really nice features and everything I was looking for in a wall mount tablet + intercom, those are:

  • POE or 12v power input
  • 4 GPIO
  • Magnetic wall mount
  • Zigbee, Z-wave
  • Temperature sensor, motion detection
  • Front facing camera, speakers and usb port
  • RFID
  • Runs on Android 8 + some custom manufacturer softwares

So I’m really interested in this new product, and wondering if anybody ever came across one of those devices (Maybe an Ikea worker? :grimacing:)

I would be very interested to integrate those 2 devices with Home Assistant and might buy 2 of each for my home

Any thoughts?



Did anybody tried to buy this device, can’t find any video anybody using it?

I’m interested in this as well…

Planning a new home build and wall controllers are the biggest concern/issue.
Because we have no need for any light switches - all of our lights are DMX controlled - there are not many options.