Glow2MQTT - Send data from Glowmarkt / Hildebrand (Bright app) to MQTT

So i was having some trust issues with the other solutions on here to get my octopus energy readings in to HA and then integrated with the Energy Dashboard…

The repo i’ve linked below will need to be run on something other than HASSOS as i don’t think you can add the dependencies. I have it running on a seperate Ubuntu 20.04 LXC. It is largely based on another project (which is linked in the github) and this is essentially just a script to take it’s output and send it to MQTT.

Onc eyou have it in MQTT you can obviously do what you want with it… I did the below and then added it to a utility monitor so that the Energy Dashboard would eat it up :

  - platform: mqtt
    name: glow_energy_today
    state_topic: "glowmarkt/consumptiontoday"
    unit_of_measurement: 'kWh'  
    device_class: energy
    state_class: total_increasing

I currently run it along side the hildebrand integration by HandyHat ( and the results are identical… but in MQTT which is nice :slight_smile:

I wish i could make this in to an integration but my limitations have been reached and i’m not sure it would be suitable anyway…

Any comments more than welcome!

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Nice. I added gas consumption and a conversion for metres squared to allow the gas graph in HA.

Nice addition… i don’t have Gas so had no way of testing that side of things…

So I have now found that the Glow custom component and the python script at start return zero values for consumption and cost and can only be made to return a value after I login to the bright app on my phone again. The app has been logged out. As soon as I log in to the app, the values from glowmarkt-dump are fully populated.

That’s interesting, I don’t seem to have the same experience… The last 2 days I’ve had perfect readings… There were some problems last week with bright not populating data regularly but that seems to be resolved.

How often would you say you experience this?

This is basically the second time. The first time it happened I came here to read about the HACS integration and found your github repo. I thought it was a good idea to see if it was an integration problem or a problem at Hildebrand/glow. Looks like it was them. I have also put together a bash script to use curl to talk to the rest api directly too, so the next time it happens I can do even more diagnosis.