Glue lock in HA via Homebridge Plugin

I have successfully added a Glue Lock to Home Assistant via Homebridge in the same host as HA is running (HAOS).

The steps I took after setting up the lock in the app (sorry, no idea if it will have local control or not!) was to download into the HA Add On (not HACS) this repository GitHub - davide125/hassio-addons: Personal repository for Home Assistant add-ons which houses the Homebridge addon (it was deprecated few years ago from the official store as HA got native Homekit support).

I then added the Glue Lock as a plugin in the Homebridge panel and finally I could pair the Glue integration to my home’s Homekit Hub (my iPad) and it works perfectly. The only thing missing is to pull it into Home Assistant…

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I had to do it in a bit more roundabout way since I don’t own any apple products, and I didn’t know about the custom addon for HA.

I added a Homebridge LXC to my proxmox server with the help of installation scripts. After setting up a user for the newly created homebridge I added the plugin needed for it to connect to the glue lock

After that I simply had to add credentials on the settings page for the plugin and it found the lock immediately (which had been setup already in the glue app). After that my home assistant instance simply found homebridge automatically on the integrations page and I could access the lock as an entity.